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Namedot Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool

Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool

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Generator Tool to Create an XML Blogger Sitemap

It's one of the best Blogger Setimap generator tools and it's completely free.

why you have to Create an XML sitemap?

To index your sites on Google and any other search engine, you must create a sitemap. Because through the sitemap, search engine crawler spiders will be able to access and index links to your site's content such as images, videos, audios, posts, pages, etc. So it's important to create a sitemap for any site owner.

complete information about blogger sitemap generator from NameDot Table of Contents

The Blogger sitemap is an XML file. The sitemap task is to help search engines access your blog pages. It contains all the links on your blog. Through this file, search engines will know when you make any change to your blog or add new posts, pages or comments from visitors.

Also, through the sitemap, you can inform search engines about the pages that search engine robots should crawl and about the pages or information that search engine robots should not reach and index.

This is done by typing commands for search engine robots in the sitemap file and also through the control panel in the blogger.

NameDot Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool

It is a simple and completely free tool designed by NameDot to help content creators of blogger blogs to create a map of their blogs.

Through the NameDot sitemap Generator you can easily get a sitemap of your blog with just one click.

How To Use Sitemap Generator

Using NameDot sitemap Generator tool is very easy and simple just put your blog URL link in the box and then press the Generate Sitemap button, after that you will see text Copy the text by selecting and copying the text or by pressing the Copy Code button.

Please note that the link to your site should only be placed without slash /

✅Correct example:

❌Wrong example:       so with out /

how you add your sitemap to blogger

Now after you get your sitemap go back to your Blogger dashboard and Follow these steps:

1- Click on Settings
2- Get down to the Crawlers and indexing section.
3- Enable custom robots.txt make it On
4- Click on Custom robots.txt

Paste the code you get from NameDot Generator Tool in the Custom robots.txt Box.
Click Save.

Enable custom robots header tags to see it green
click on Home page tags after clicking you will see options Select 1- all and 2- noodp then click save.

Click on Archive and search page tags and Select 1- noindex and 2- noodp then click save. 

Click on Post and Page tags and Select 1- all and 2- noodp then click save.

It's done

how you add your sitemap to Google Search Console?

Now after we've done all the setups in Blogger, we still have one last step, which is to visit our friend Google and tell him: Hey, Google, we've created a site and we want to index it.

Follow these steps to add a sitemap to your blog on Google:

Open your Google Search Console and from the menu click on Sitemaps.
add this sitemaps

It's done


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