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Parked Domain


 What is a parked domain?

A parked domain is a domain name that has been registered, but is not in use and has not been linked to a website or email hosting. In other words, you have purchased a domain, but you have not linked it to a hosting, that is, you do not use it temporarily or you will never use it! so you parked your domain because you dont want to use it.

The domain name may have been purchased for future development, and placed as parked domain to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting.

This is done by assigning domain name servers to the registrar. Or by assigning domain name servers to domain-parking companies. Where domain parking companies display ads to visitors on the domain and when they click on the ads, these companies will earn money and then give part of the profits to the domain owner, but domain Parking sites are often an unprofitable investment. 

Parked domain monetization

Parked domain monetization It is mainly used by domain registrars and online advertising publishers, they are used to make money from traffic on an unused domain.
They use a domain name as a web page containing listings of advertisements and links.
These links are targeted to the expected interests of the visitor and these links may change based on what the visitor clicks on.
The domain owner is usually paid based on the number of links visited on their domain (such as pay-per-click) and how useful those visits are. Keywords for any given domain name provide clues to a visitor's intent before arriving at an advertiser's site.

The parking domain can also be used as a placeholder for an existing website. The domain owner may also choose to redirect a domain to another website that has registered it, either by redirecting the URL, masking the domain, or by referring to it as an alias to the main domain, although if this is done by the ultimate registrant, the domain will be It is then in use, rather than standing.

parked domain and search engines

Expired domains that were previously websites with traffic are always looked up! These domains are repurchased and placed in Domain Parking with the goal of monetizing the remaining traffic on the parked domain.
The domain that was previously used as a website and has expired without renewal will still retain most of its previous incoming links and backlinks.
Expired domains usually attract the most traffic initially, but when website owners and search engines start removing previous dead links, the traffic to the domain will start to drop.

Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

Google has a discontinued field detector.
Google can see if these pages are not useful.
Most visitors do not like to see unhelpful pages, and complain when they see them.
When Google detects that a page is parked or the domain is down, they will not display those pages in search results in the future and they will be deleted from search results.
So the truth is, if you leave your domain parked until launching it, it can take a while for that page to be crawled and reprocessed, and for the parked domain detector to really be convinced that your domain is no longer parked.
So it is good when buying a domain, if you intend to put domain parking, it is recommended that you write several paragraphs on the home page of the parked domain.
This way, when you publish the full live site, it will be re-indexed immediately.
 Placing a domain parking relative to your site is like spinning in the opposite direction.

This is a video with useful information from Google about domain parking and the search engine:

What are the best domain parking companies?

There are many companies that act as intermediaries to serve ads on parking pages. The parking pages are automatically published to the domain owner's web property when they change name servers or redirect the URL.

Prominent among Domain Parking companies are:

  • Bodis: It has a simple and easy control panel and advanced management and filtering in Bodis let you find the information you need quickly and easily. Whether you own 10 or 100,000 domains. With a domain renewal reminder feature again using the registrar and expiration date.

  • Sedo: Earn money by advertising, aligned with the domain name and in the language of the visitors to your page, easy to set up and completely free, attract visitors with advertising instead turning them away with an under construction notification, parked domains can be accessed online and sell twice as fast as offline domains, get to know your domain's value, gain valuable visitor statistics as a basis for price negotiations with prospective buyers

  • CashParking: it's Godaddy, CashParking is a service that lets you earn money on your parked domain names, if you associate your domains with your CashParking account, each time a visitor clicks a displayed advertisement, you receive a share of the generated click-through revenue. You can add an unlimited number of domains to your CashParking account.

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