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Giveaway Domains get a domain for free


get your domain for free

In this post I will show you a list of domains that you can get for free, You can choose any domain from this list for free.
All you have to do is follow this blog, comment on this post, and write the domain you want, then I will contact you on the e-mail and give you the domain transfer information to your account.
Please kindly note that you may choose only one domain, so I will be very sure that you will not choose multiple domains from different accounts.

Just to give others a chance to get a free domain.
Every day I will show new domains so that the list will always consist of 10 domains. When any domain is transferred, I will put another domain in its place. So always in this post you will find 10 domains, you can choose one of them for free.
There is an exception where you can choose another domain for free but not on the same day.

After transferring the domain to your account, you are free to choose how to use it! You can link the domain with your blog on blogger or wordpress or create a website. It's up to you.
Please note that the domains shown are in my accounts on and so you can transfer the domain to the same registrar of the domain for free, but if you want to transfer the domain to another registrar, you will pay the transfer costs yourself.

Domain transfer prices vary from one registrar to another. I can transfer the domain to you for your account on the same domain registrar website for free, or I can give you the domain code to transfer it to another registrar, but you will bear the costs of transferring the domain.

free Domain list

  • vvvn (net)                         Name    expire on 01.01.2023    this domain is 1 year old.
  • AlNfs (com)                      Name    expire on 03.01.2023    this domain is 1 year old.
  • Uzz2 (com)                        Name    expire on 04.01.2023    this domain is 1 year old.
  • PremName (com)             Name    expire on 06.01.2023    this domain is 1 year old.
  • Txer (net)                           Name    expire on 06.01.2023    this domain is 1 year old.

dont wory i have more and more and too much domains so sure you will get your free domain. if you dont find some domain you like just come here next day you will find some thing new.

have a good LUCK ✊dont forget to share my website with your friends