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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address or the name of your website, and it is used to identify and name the site.
The domain name is associated with your site's IP address, so instead of typing the hard-to-remember IP address to enter your site, just type the domain name you chose to enter your site.

Therefore, it is important to choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce and write, and also expresses the identity of your site's content.

Can I own a domain?

Yes, and No... In theory, yes, you can own a domain, but for a specific period. When you buy the domain, you have to pay a specific amount every year, and in practice, you have rented the domain and did not own it forever.
The duration of your domain ownership is determined by paying the annual renewal amount.
When the domain expires and you have not paid the renewal amount, the domain will be available for registration by anyone other than you, and thus you will lose your ownership of the domain.

You should keep in mind to constantly renew your domain in order not to lose it. When you buy a domain, this does not mean that you own it forever.

Where can I buy a domain?

There are many domain registration companies. So buying a domain is easy.
But with many domain registration companies, we must know before the purchase process about the company through which we will buy the domain!
Is it a reliable company?
Is it an ICANN authorized distributor?
Are their prices reasonable?
What powers does this company give you to control your domain?
Can you transfer your domain to another company or is it prohibited?
And other questions

The most famous of these domain registration companies are:

  • Google Domains: Google is a giant company and everyone knows it, so it is reliable and also provides the freedom to control your domain with an easy control panel at fixed and reasonable prices, as well as security for your domain with free privacy protection and lots of other tools and options.

  • Name: it is one of the big, old and very reliable domain registration companies, the company was founded in 2003, provides you Easy Domain Management with an easy-to-use control panel, good Customer Support, lots of tools that make domain control easier.

  • Dynadot: One of the domain registration companies that provide cheap domain prices, Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web host headquartered in San Mateo, California. Founded in 2002, provides you Advanced Domain Management, Cheap .COM Domain Names, great deals, buy, and sell domains.

  • GoDaddy: It is considered one of the strongest companies with the largest sales of the domain. Through Godaddy, you can reserve a domain and also book a website or WordPress hosting. It also provides a marketplace for buying and selling domains.

There are many other companies that we may mention at a later time, but in general, these mentioned companies are considered among the best companies to register a domain, and it is recommended to buy through them.

You must choose a good company to register your domain!

What are the best and most prominent domain extensions?

There are many extensions to the domain, in general; the most prominent and famous extension is (.com). Then dot net and dot org.
But there are exceptions, such as who is your audience, is it in a particular region or country? Then you can choose the international domain such as (dot) de Germany or (dot) fr France or (dot) nl Netherlands and others.

How do I choose a good domain?

Choosing the right name for your site is important to your success.. So think from the beginning and choose the right name and save the effort to invest it later and start your project step by step and give it the necessary time to see the result, it is not like a magic wand! You have to get tired and invest your time and pay attention to your project in all its aspects. Great things always begin with an idea, and we need to nurture and strengthen that idea. Who knows, maybe after a while, we'll get that price.

Here is a video from Godaddy on how to choose a suitable domain name.

It really needs skill, information, research and patience, so don't lose your money and time for free.
Therefore, before you buy any domain, you should know what the domain name means, and it should be easy and short, and preferably not contain numbers or hieroglyphs. It is preferable to have a .com extension, because dot com is almost the basic extension of most famous companies and sites.

Some tools to help you choose a domain

  • Domain Wheel: All you have to do is enter any word and the site will give you many options for nearby and unreserved names.

  • Name Boy: This site is old and beautiful and one of the best domain finder sites, and if you are patient, it will give you beautiful and distinctive names.

There are many tools available that we will add later in this article.

Thanks for reading.